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Few words about Greater Biofuels

Australia Waste to Energy


Greater Biofuels Australia has developed a novel waste to energy technology with the following advantages:

  • Complete recycling of waste – No burning or inciniration
  • Closed loop system with no emissions to atmosphere – No pollution to air ever!
  • Cost effective with R.O.I less than 3 years
  • Local team and office provides local service and creates jobs
  • 24/7 Technical support and back up


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GBA Reactor

Ismael Sosa-Sanchez Australia

Founder and Inventor Environmental Scientist developing cleaner technologies for a better and smarter world. With more than 30 years experience in environmental solutions and owner of worldwide intellectual property

Andrew Duxson Australia

Manufacturing Manager with more than 30 years expertise in engineering process control and electrical design in several industries including wastewater, plastics, waste to energy technologies .

Nick Mendoza Philippines

Nicolas Mendoza is GBA appointed representative in the Philippines. Located in Davao, Nick can help you investigate the potential of waste to energy in your operations.