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All waste is matter, matter is energy.


Harvesting Energy from waste, economically, can bring positive results for any enterprise who is looking for sustainable solutions to the global energy crisis.


Key Services Offered :

  • Municipal Solid waste to electricity and biochar.
  • Green waste to electricity and Biochar.
  • Plastic waste to biofuels (diesel and gasoline)
  • Hospital sterile waste to electricity

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Power & Energy From Waste

Plastic waste, Municipal solid waste, hospital waste, factory waste true Recycling

Agriculture and Farming waste

Banana plantation waste, Coconut waste, Any kind of green waste transformed to electricity and bio-char.

Paper and Wood Work waste

Paper, cardboard and Wood manufacturing waste, carpentry waste, timber manufacturing waste transformed into power and charcoal.

Waste Oil to Energy and other byproducts

Processing of waste oils to biofuels and other oil based products.

Our Core Services

Waste to Energy Project Management.

Greater Biofuels Australia provides full project management from design to project implementation and start up. Continous maintenance for life of the project and continous process optimization to deliver cost benefit to small and large projects.

Chemical And Biological Research

True recycling of solid waste is carried out by process R&D to optimize the creation of new products which can provide high value for a good return on investment. Not just fuels or electricity but other high value products are possible

Power & Energy From Waste

The simplest way to recycle solid waste is to transform it into power and energy in the form of electricity and heat.

Question & Answer

Which countries can you service?

Our technology is manufactured in Australia for local service and for the Asia-Pacific region particularly in the Republic of Philippines where large scale projects are currently being designed for delivery. There is no limit to deliver to other parts of the world, please send us your enquiry and we eill get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Is the I.P. yours?

All intellectual Property belongs to Greater Biofuels Australia, including manufacturing, Software, trade secrets and special documentation and web security.

Can we visit your factory?

Our manufacturing facilities are in Melbourne and other regions of Australia. We’ll be happy to show you our facilities once you are commited to work in a project with us.

How much electricity can you make?

This depends on the kind of waste being processed. We use our own assessment technique to determine minimum and maximum energy outputs. Please contact us to discuss your opportunity in more detail

Latest News about our Industry

Recycled Oil From Waste Refinery

Oil can be extracted from any waste source e.g. plastics. The crude oil needs to be refined to make products like gasoline and diesel, kerosene and aviation fuel. The final product is environmentally friendly and better than existing ones from crude oil sources

Factory Waste

Factory waste can be segregated and turn into other usable products. Our R&D team ensures the best possible recycled products are obtained from the use of our technologies. Let us show us what we can do for yoor factory waste

Air Pollution from manufacturing

The GBA technologies can be used for cleaning up contaminated air stacks so there is no pollution to atmosphere. We capture air pollution and proceess it through our own cleaning technology from which recycled products can be obtained.